Being the Mrs and the Mummy

Married for just over a year now and expecting our second child, due September.

Baby had been spoiling us.

Last few nights she has gone 9.30pm - 2.30am !! But tonight we are back to every 2 hours. C’est la vie.



Husbands can be incredibly helpful.

Unless it includes fitted sheets

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Nobody mentioned night sweats as a post partum thing that happens. I hate it, it’s awful.

Our daughter feeds every 2-3hours.

It takes 20mins for her to feed then 40-60mins for her to be winded & comfortable when put down.

This is fine but hot damn it is making me more tired than I thought it possible to be and still live. I keep thinking “I’m sure our son wasn’t like this, I don’t remember being this tired with him.” But I didn’t also have an energetic 4y.o to look after with him and could sleep when he did.

where has the time gone?

Husband goes back to work the day after tomorrow, bit nervous about being on my own with 2 children but how bad can it be?

My maternity clothes are now too big but my regular clothes are still a bit small

A girl, born Monday September 22nd at 19.52. Labour started at 4pm and we only just made it to the hospital in time, she was in a right hurry to arrive. Only got gas and air :(

Keeping well, just bloody tired. 5am feeds followed by a pre-schooler who gets up at 6.30am = one bloody long day.

Just glad my husband is taking his full 2 weeks paternity leave and that he has the most wonderful parents who are very happy to come up and help lots. Got a list of chores that are starting to build up.