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Just married.
So now this is my blog on married life.
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We’re expecting our second child. Due 30th September. So this is now going to become a blog mostly about baby stuff.

We’re going to a concert to celebrate :D

Should I ask for my dress back or not?

I am conscious that the buyer was awful with communication during the entire transaction and practically begging them for my dress back with the likely chance of being ignored feels humiliating. Yet at the same time that bitch has got my wedding dress for free either deliberately scamming me or just heartlessly keeping it when I have already asked for it back 3times.

I begrudgingly decided to sell my wedding dress because we needed the extra money for bills and Christmas.

I listed it on ebay as I believed it to be, an Alfred Angelo Disney Belle dress. Someone bid & won it, they then took a week to pay. Once they received it they messaged me “livid” that the dress was a cheap copy and insisting I refunded them immediately.

First off I bought the dress off ebay myself, as an Alfred Angelo one, it looked the same and had a Disney wedding label. I didn’t even realise fake wedding dresses were a thing! Who counterfeits wedding dresses, ffs?

Anyway I told them to return the dress and I would of course refund them. I told them this 3 times and they ignored me. They then escalated the case, provided I don’t know what kind of proof that it was counterfeit and had the case closed in their favour.

I appealed saying I hadn’t had the dress returned and had offered a refund, following every piece of advice as given by the ebay website. My appeal was rejected, dress had been proven counterfeit and that was the end of. Ebay didn’t listen to or address  a single point of my appeal and were still going to charge me the final value fee!!!!!

After an angry half hour on the phone (to an 0845 number!) I managed to appeal succesfully against the fees being charged but was informed that ebay is under no obligation to make the buyer return my dress. The whole situation was my fault for.having an incorrect listing and it is up to the buyer whether they want to return the dress and all I can do is appeal to their better nature for it.

Considering this buyer’s track record with communication I don’t feel that’s likely also I don’t see why I should have to beg for my dress back.

So I have no dress, no money for it and am out of pocket the money it cost to dry clean the dress, the cost of posting it.

However that’s not even the worst of it! That would be the god awful way I’ve been treated by ebay. They were unhelpful, condescending, and just didn’t listen or care about anything from my side of the case. Because of this I will never be using their services again, which is a shame but I refuse to tolerate this kind of treatment or fund their business any further.

For Sale - UK only

2 sweetheart neckline teal bridesmaids dresses with removeable spaghetti straps and stole + ivory cardigans

- size 14, altered to more of a size 12

- size 18 which had slight alterations

- worn once for wedding day and dry cleaned since.

- first two pictures taken inside with flash, last photo taken outside in nautral light no flash (to explain slight colour difference in photos)

£200 for both dresses, cardigans & postage


I’m glad your wife got to have her Batman cake.  

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Getting the dresses back today, finally! Woooo.
Just in time to get them on ebay and sold before Christmas :D

So 2 weeks ago I finally got round to dropping my wedding dress and the 2 bridesmaid dresses at a dry cleaners for cleaning ready to.sell on.

There was only a Saturday worker there who informed us that as she only worked that one day she couldn’t advise a price or turn around time but would take them in, leave a note and someone would ring us on Monday.

By Wednesday I hadn’t heard anything so sent them an email to which I had no reply so by Thursday lunchtime I was spitting feathers about the whole thing, at which point I had a phonecall with the cost and the fact that they’d be ready a week Saturday.

My Mother-in-law went today, the week Saturday advised, to collect all 3 dresses to be informed by the Saturday worker that the dresses had not been touched and were not clean and ready for collection. No reason why and no information on when they’ll be done so MIL told them they had til a week Monday otherwise we’ll just have the dresses back and go elsewhere.

I wish she had taken them back there and then. Such appauling service. Thing is I am in no real rush for the dresses and if I had been told it could take up to 3-4weeks for them to be cleaned I wouldn’t have minded but why give a time they can be collected if they’re not going to be ready?